1. dead sea (at Leverett Pond)

  2. Craftson Way, Jamaica Plain, MA #vscocam #afterlight

  3. brookline buildings #vscocam

  4. Do More Of What Makes You Happy is a short documentary I did on Johnny Cupcakes on Newbury St. in Boston, MA. for my final project in my digital cinematography course. If possible, please watch in HD. Let me know what you think and reblog if you enjoyed it. Thank you.

  5. This is a video I shot at the 29th annual Festival De Faroles, a lantern festival that takes place at Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. It took place on October 20th and 21st, 2012. If possible, please watch in HD. Reblog if you enjoyed the video, thank you. 

  6. Stage diving to Converge because #Converge. (at Royale Nightclub)

  7. Happy halloween mother fuckers. (at depths of hell)

  8. Sam Shakusky & Suzie Bishop #halloween #moonrisekingdom (at New Penzance Island)

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  10. whenleavingisthecure:

    Converge - Predatory Glow

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  12. isolatedyouth:

    EDGE DAY 2012

    Saturday Oct 20th - 4PM - $15

    Broad Street Ministry - Philadelphia, PA

    Youth of Today*
    Stick Together
    Truth (texas)
    test of time (todd pollock’s band)
    war games (ev of mindset)

    *pending ticket sales. 

  13. Paid too much for this hat. As the kids say #yolo (Taken with Instagram)